We produce high quality rubber thread covered with Nylon and Polyester fibres.
Our products range cover all the requirements and needs of the following applications:
  • socks industry for men, boys and children application 
  • hosiery and garments manufacturing
  • trimmings and corsets production
  • ribbons and belts applications
  • cotton gloves and medical netting

Speciality Products

Further to raw white and black covered rubber thread, our main competence and experience is in the manufacturing of the coloured articles.

We can supply all the nylon coloured article required by the socks and garments industry, mainly: navy blue, dark blue, red, yellow, green, grey, dark grey, pink . 

Require our Colour Chart for advice and order . 

Our Customers can choice two different type of packaging for Covered Rubber:  the King Spool and the Cone 

For any technical inquiries, specific application, question or samples required please contact us.